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Volunteer Opportunities

In the spirit of Mufindi Orphans, volunteers shall strive to better communities through their willingness to participate in alleviating poverty and inequality. We believe the work we do is meaningful, purposeful, and powerful. We hope our volunteers will find the same to be true. We are looking for volunteers who are hard-working, flexible, creative, and passionate about community-building and community development. We do not require past experience, but we do require an open mind and an open heart!

We warmly welcome both Professional  Co-operants and Student Interns! Professional Co-operants are volunteers with an undergraduate or an advanced degree with work experience who would like to provide a service to the organization. Examples include teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, business or law professionals, etc. Student Interns are non-professional volunteers who have not yet completed their college or undergraduate degree and are perhaps interested in working with a particular project. Click the links below for required documents:

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