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We depend on the generous work of donors like you to make Mufindi Orphans' vision a reality! Many of our projects are in need of funding and support. If you are interested in organizing and hosting a fundraising event, please email


Our partners at Every Child Tanzania are fundraising right now and we wanted to highlight their amazing work! Here is their latest appeal:

Angelica is in her late 60s and was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB). At her age and with her health concerns, TB can be deadly if not treated properly. She lives with and helps to care for her daughter and her granddaughter, making it hard for them to afford the trip to the hospital for a checkup after her diagnosis. The trip to the hospital is over 4 hours, and without health insurance, Angelica cannot afford to go. With just $150 USD, you can ensure Angelica's health and make sure she receives the proper treatment. By contributing just a small amount, Angelica will continue to live a long and healthy life. Thank you!

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