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Mufindi Orphans is a 501(c)3 registered charity that was founded in the United States. The organization began by supporting an initiative in Tanzania that was started by Geoff and Vicky Fox in 2005. The growing number of orphaned and vulnerable children in the community was alarming and they enlisted Mufindi Orphans to help address that need. A Tanzanian Non-governmental organization was registered and Mufindi Orphans was able to support the mission. Mufindi Orphans continues to support efforts across Tanzania to help serve the most marginalized populations.


Jenny Peck and Geoff Knight served in humanitarian sectors for twelve years in East Africa, ten of which were in Mufindi learning from, partnering with, and working alongside their Tanzanian counterparts to establish community development projects within the project area.  Jenny holds a B.S. in math from the University of Kansas and a MPH in Maternal and Child Health from University of Minnesota- expected December 2019). Geoff has a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Kansas. 


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Cathy Knight works as Vice President at Kindred Health and 

has been involved with the Project as a supporter since 2008, and has been director of Mufindi Orphans since 2012. She has visited the project several times, and she offers her time and support in a completely volunteer basis, ensuring all funds are used for operations in Mufindi.

Mark Ewing, professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas, and his wife Joanne Ewing, a R.N. at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, have helped expand the fundraising avenues possible for the organization, and have logged many hours towards strengthening the organization and it's potential to raise funds. They join us on a completely volunteer basis, and we are grateful for their time and expertise.

Rachel Miller is a Registered Nurse working at the University of Kansas Health System, who volunteered in Mufindi in 2015. She worked with the Home Based Care program and the health department at the NGO, and in the US she has been a major help for Mufindi Orphans with finding volunteers for fundraising events, keeping in contact with our supporters, and volunteering her time for event planning.

Amari Alexander worked for three and a half years in Mufindi helping with volunteer coordination and recruitment, as well as grant writing and development. She is currently working in Malawi with One Acre Fund as Execution Lead in Field Operations.

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