Vulnerable Childcare


High rates of HIV infection caused a mass mortality of adults within the community. Poverty and illness always hit the most helpless of the community the hardest -in this case, children. Many were left orphaned; remaining family members were often too old or sick themselves to step into the role of caretaker. Mufindi Orphans was established in response to the recognition that a critical collapse of community networks was occurring.


Igoda Children's Village

The Igoda Children's Village (ICV) was opened in 2007 when the Mufindi community was in a period of crisis. The HIV/AIDS epidemic was spreading quickly and silently, decimating local populations. The geographical isolation of these rural communities meant that there was no access to HIV/AIDS testing, treatment or educational information. A mass mortality of adults created a rising orphan population as family systems collapsed. Mufindi Orphans built the first Children's Village house in July of 2007 to provide shelter, sustenance, and health care to these vulnerable children. Today, there are 6 Children's Houses, each with their own "House Parent" to create a familial environment. Currently, ICV provides care for 50 children, from infants to 17 years of age. 

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