Vocational Schooling


The Tanzanian school system can be a diffilcult place to navigate for at-risk youth. The national average for Secondary School enrollment is at 5%; in rural communities this percentage is even lower. The vocational school targets youth who are unable to continue with their secondary school education. Threads Sewing School provides students with a 2 year sewing program that runs parallel with English lessons and Business Administration classes. In the first year, students learn to sew school uniforms and basic clothing items. In the second year, students learn dress-making, suit tailoring, and various craft items. It is in this year that students also learn about sewing for the tourist market. At the end of their two years, students leave with their own sewing machine to begin income generating projects of their own. Mufindi Orphans and partners are currently in the process of building and staffing a Carpentry School which would target a similar population of at-risk youth and provide them with a tradable skill. 

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