Student Sponsorship


Every child deserves to go to school. The Student Sponsorship program ensures that children most at-risk have access to education where opportunities would otherwise not exist. These are students who may not be orphaned, but show promise and require assistance in paying school fees. Mufindi Orphans sponsors the educations of all of its children through generous donors. The cost of sponsoring a child is small compared with the enormous benefit the child receives.

A sponsorship covers things like school fees, school supplies, uniforms, lunch, and transport to and from school. All secondary students who are sponsored participate in a work-study program. Students perform culturally-appropriate and age-appropriate tasks to help pay for their school needs, just as they would for their families in the village. For example, on the weekends, secondary school students can be found visiting neighbors who are sick and helping with basic tasks like cooking for them, or cleaning their homes. Student Sponsorship is a wonderful way to empower students to take ownership of their own education. 

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