Mufindi Orphans supports projects aimed at ensuring children and their communities have a chance to thrive. As the needs of the community change so does the project scope. In the early years, an immediate need for vulnerable child care due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic was addressed through the creation of Igoda Children's Village. This was considered only a temporary fix without the infrastructure to improve community health and access to education. Following the construction of an Education Department, the focus was on Early Childhood Education and Student Sponsorship.  There is currently work in three branches of development: Vulnerable Childcare, Healthcare, and Education. Each of these branches works hand-in-hand to provide support to children and their families.

Vulnerable Childcare 

Vulnerable Childcare refers to protecting the basic rights of children. We do this by directly addressing the social problems of the project area, as well as providing direct orphan and foster care. Click here to read more about our projects!



Mufindi Orphans was established in response to this recognition that a critical collapse of community networks was occurring. Families needed to be rebuilt, and quickly. Mufindi Orphans then performed a Healthcare Intervention in the form of 3 programs: The Care and Treatment Center, The Home-based Care Program and the Milk Powder Program. Click here to read about our projects!


We have built our Education Department to fill in the gaps where the government does not particularly focus on early childhood education and at-risk youth. We work in three educational sectors: early childhood education, vulnerable youth sponsorship and support, and vocational schooling. We also offer a Kindergarten Village Outreach Program to teachers in the area. Click here, or the links above to read about each program.

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