Kindergarten Village Outreach Program


When you find something that works, we say: share it!  The project, in partnership with the Olive Branch for Children (an in-country partner), is now serving as the foundational support for other Kindergarten classrooms in the area. Week-long intensive training is offered to local teachers who want to implement the Montessori philosophy and interactive learning activities in their classrooms. There are currently almost 30 kindergarten teachers from neighboring villages who attend monthly seminars in order to exchange ideas, share challenges, and learn new materials. All teachers who participate in the program also take part in Monitoring and Evaluation visits where volunteers and professional staff come to observe their classrooms and then provide feedback. Realistic, 'SMART' goals are then set for the next visit. Every participating teacher receives start-up materials for their classroom as well. The outreach program strives to be a resource for both students, parents, and teachers. 

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