Home-based Care Program


The Home-based Care (HBC) Program began in 2009, when the Mufindi Orphans partnered with Dr. Leena Pasanen, a Finnish Pediatrician, who worked a few hours away in the rural town of Ilembula. Dr. Leena generously decided to split her time between the project site and her Ilembula Hospital. Dr. Leena visits members of the community in their home, specializing in providing care to the most sick and vulnerable children of each village. This program also helps to keep accurate and updated health information on the community. When we have a visiting doctor or specialist, HBC volunteers to help streamline doctors' community visits so they make the best use of their time.​

The program was so popular and effective that in 2011, the HBC Program expanded to include local volunteers who were trained with in-home care procedures and HIV treatment. To this day, the Home-based Care Program continues with 22 active HBC volunteers in 11 neighboring villages. 

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